Great American Eclipse Ideas

With just a few months before the “Great American Eclipse” of 2017 casts its shadow across the Carolina’s, you need to have a plan of where you are going to be when the event happens. While the eclipse is going to pass over both North and South Carolina, only a small portion of the states will be in the full shadow and provide the optimal viewing of this rare phenomenon. You can view the path of this shadow on the map section of our website by clicking on the “Show Eclipse Path” button on the bottom of the map. However we thought we would specifically point out a few spots of interest that you might consider for viewing the eclipse.

Chimney Rock to Close 2 Days this Summer

Chimney Rock State Park is expanding to better serve guests visiting the park. Part of the expansion requires the use of a helicopter sky crane to airlift out the old and bring in the new. While this sounds exciting to see, you would have to watch it from outside the park because it will be necessary for the park to close during this phase of construction. The actual flights and closure dates will depend on the weather but the tentative dates for park closures are June 22nd and June 30th. If you are planning a visit to Chimney Rock State Park around this time we recommend that you check their website for the latest news and updates.

So what is being upgraded with this construction? For starters, they are working on the elevator which the park is eagerly working on to restore regular service. Additionally they will be expanding the deck at the Gneiss Cave area. Overall these improvements will make Chimney Rock a better park so that it can provide outstanding service to more visitors including patrons with limited mobility that couldn’t take the stairs. Be sure to check their website during the coming weeks for exact closure dates.

Build Memories This Fathers Day

Build memories that last this Fathers DayFathers Day is right around the corner, this year it’s Sunday, June 18th so what will you do to celebrate Dad? We could put together a list of the 10 best hikes or waterfalls or 10 must see sights in the Carolina’s but what we know for sure is that anytime you make time to get out in nature you are creating opportunity for adventure, getting away from electronics and potentially strengthening relationships. Do you want some ideas for how to make it a truly memorable day, that costs you little but leaves you with priceless memories? We suggest that Dad might enjoy time spent together over any material thing like a tie, socks, golf balls or another mug. While those things are nice, and it’s the thought that counts, why not do something adventurous together, something you’ll both enjoy. If Dad is young or still young at heart we think there is something for everyone in the great outdoors. Take the “old man” for a hike to a beautiful destination like a waterfall, a wonderful panoramic vista, a mountain summit, or just a simple walk through a park or wooded forest or a walk along a stream.  In the Carolina’s there are literally thousands of options available with varying degrees of difficulty.  Pack a lunch, don’t rush it, let the trail perform its therapeutic magic as you share the experience together and build memories that will outlast any material thing you could think about getting for Dad.  We have several spots on our website that you could use for ideas but our list is by no means complete.  If you don’t find that perfect spot on our website or you don’t live in the Carolina’s, take to your favorite search engine and find something out there to do together.

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