Camp Creek Falls

North Carolina

A series of falls and cascades on a short trail in the Glen Cannon Community. The drive in will also go by Glen Cannon Falls.
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Hidden away inside the community of Glen Cannon, in Pisgah Forest near Brevard North Carolina, is a waterfall that is an absolute beauty - Camp Creek Falls. This gem is part of a community greenway that is open to the general public. Camp Creek Falls consists of several small waterfalls and cascades along Camp Creek that are viewed via a short and easy loop that wanders through the greenway. It is a beautiful spot that you should definitely check out if you are in the area.

The parking area for access to Camp Creek Falls is located in Glen Cannon North Carolina. It is right off Glen Cannon Drive about 1.5 miles in from Wilson Road. Look for the small parking area and a sign that reads WP 9. As you drive along Glen Cannon Drive you can also catch a drive-by view of the larger Glen Cannon falls at about the half-way point. Camp Creek Falls is only about 10 minutes outside of Brevard North Carolina. There are no restroom facilities at the trailhead.

The short loop trail starts at the back left corner of the parking area and follows Camp Creek upstream for about 2/10's of a mile before crossing the creek and returning on the other side. Initially the trail splits with the main trail going right up a few stairs. The left side is a short side trail that will take you to the bottom of the lower falls although you may need to get your feet wet to get there. If you want to get a good picture of the falls this is probably going to be your best spot. Taking the main trail on the right, will still provide an excellent viewing opportunity of the lower falls in addition to a few picnic tables you could use if you just want a peaceful and beautiful spot to stop and enjoy lunch. All of this is just feet from the parking area.

To see the other points of interest along Camp Creek, continue on the trail as it works its way up the ridge. The trail is very nicely maintained by the community and has wooden bridges over the creek crossings. As you work your way up the ridge you will see a number of additional cascades and small waterfalls as Camp Creek works its way down the mountain. The many cascades provide a pleasant background soundtrack for the hike.

As you reach the top, the trail separates from Camp Creek and there is a small wooden bridge that crosses a small feeder creek. Just after this, another trail intersects from the right but you will want to continue straight as you head back towards Camp Creek.

Right before the trail crosses over Camp Creek and starts to head back down to the parking area, there will be one more large cascade that is very close to the trail. Shortly after this another trail intersects from the right and the loop trail crosses over Camp Creek.

After crossing the creek, the trail will widen and generally stay pretty straight as you work your way back down to the road. The trail ends at Glen Cannon Drive where you will be about 100ft from the parking area.

Whether you choose to just enjoy the lower section of Camp Creek or hike the loop and check out all of the waterfalls and cascades, you are going to be glad that you stopped and checked out this hidden treasure.

Please be remember to be courteous and respective of the area since it is inside a housing community. Responsible enjoyment of the area will ensure continued public access.
Upper Camp Creek Falls
Lower Camp Creek Falls
Glen Cannon Falls
Address & GPS
Glen Cannon Drive
Pisgah Forest, NC 28768
35.235725N, -82.685775W
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