Boone’s Cave

An interesting cave on the bank of the Yadkin River with a historical link to Daniel Boone.

Did you know that there are almost 900 caves and caverns that are known to exist in North Carolina? While most of them are inaccessible, some of them are very accessible and quite easy to visit. Boone’s Cave is one of those places and Boone’s Cave Park is the home and steward of this unique and historical cave that is located in the central North Carolina town of Lexington. In addition to the cave, Boone’s Cave park is a wonderful spot to visit with picnic shelters, short hiking trails, and the beautiful Yadkin River that flows across the border of the park. You can fish, canoe or kayak on the river from within the park or just sit back and enjoy the view.

Boone’s Cave Park is located at 3552 Boone’s Cave Road in Lexington North Carolina. It isn’t far off Interstate 85 and there is good signage along the roads to help you find the park. It is about 45 minutes South of Winston-Salem North Carolina, 60 minutes West of Greensboro, or 75 minutes north of Charlotte North Carolina. There are nice restroom facilities onsite along with vending machines, drinking fountains, informative signage, and covered picnic shelters. There is plenty of parking available onsite in addition to overflow parking lots available.

Boone’s Cave is located at the back of the park right on the bank of the Yadkin River. When you enter the park, drive all the way back and park at spots by the picnic shelter. There are a number of nice wooden steps off to the right that lead down to the cave. Signs are present to help guide you. The cave is right at the bottom so you shouldn’t miss it.

Boone’s Cave is rumored to be the cave that was used by Daniel Boone and his family when they first settled in the area before building homes on the banks of the Yadkin River. It is hard to image someone living in the cave because it isn’t that tall. The cave itself is supposed to be 140 feet deep but don’t expect to walk back that far as the cave ceiling gets increasingly lower to the ground. You would need to get down and crawl if you want to go any further than the initial cavern.

Whether you choose to enjoy Boone’s Cave from the outside or opt for exploring the inside, you are going to enjoy this historic North Carolina landmark.

When you have finished enjoying the cave, there are a lot of other activities to enjoy at the park. Maybe hike one of the many trails that lead through the park or enjoy a picnic with the beautiful Yadkin River as your backdrop. Whatever you do, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to enjoy everything there is to do at Boone’s Cave Park.

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