Chau Ram Falls

A beautiful waterfall you can visit without a hike that is inside a wonderful county park.

In the far corner of Oconee County, South Carolina, inside Chau Ram County Park, is the beautiful 30ft cascading waterfall – Chau Ram Falls. Located on Ramsey Creek right before it enters the larger Chauga River, this waterfall is very easy to access as it is viewable from the parking area. It is also located inside a wonderful county park that is considered Oconee County’s “best kept secret”. In addition to seeing the falls, there is plenty to see and do inside the park.

Chau Ram County Park is a large and well maintained facility with hiking trails, picnic tables and shelters, playground equipment, and numerous campsites. It is centered around the large Chauga River that flows through the middle of the park but can be easily crossed via the longest suspension bridge in the county. There is something for everyone at Chau Ram County Park.

Chau Ram County Park is located at 1220 Chau Ram Park Road in Westminster South Carolina. It is just off US highway 76; a few miles north from downtown Westminster. Look for the sign on Highway 76. Chau Ram County Park has an entrance fee of $2 per vehicle that is payable at a fee station as you enter the park. The park is also only open from March to mid November so plan accordingly. There are well maintained restroom facilities onsite as well as a staffed ranger station. Chau Ram County Park is about an hour from Greenville South Carolina or about 2 hours from Atlanta Georgia.

Chau Ram Falls is located at the end of the lower parking lot. As you enter the park, head right just past the rangers station and go a short distance until it ends. You will likely see the falls before you even get out of your car.

The viewing area for the falls is large and spacious and should be more than adequate even on the busiest days. There is even a picnic shelter that has a perfect view of the falls. What could be nicer than sitting in the shade, having a picnic on a warm Carolina day with a beautiful waterfall churning in the background? It really is a wonderful spot to just sit back, relax and enjoy nature.

During the warmer months, don’t be surprised to see people swimming in the pool before the falls. This, along with the Chauga River, are very popular during the warm summer months.

When you have finished enjoying Chau Ram Falls, you could stay and enjoy over 4 miles of hiking trails that are very well maintained. Even if you don’t feel like a hike, at least make sure you take the short walk over to Chauga River where you can walk across the longest suspension bridge in Oconee County. You could even take a dip in the river so make sure to bring your swimsuit and plan accordingly.

There is so much to see and do at Chau Ram County Park; it really is a great spot to visit just to view the falls or spend the day at this beautiful County Park.

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