DEW Falls

A little North Carolina waterfall that is big on beauty and very easy to reach.

Inside the Pisgah National Forest of North Carolina, just off Highway 281 near the South Carolina border, is a little waterfall that is big on beauty:  DEW Falls.  The falls is only about 1/10’th of a mile from the road but it is unmarked.  Like its neighbor just across the road, John’s Jump Falls, most people drive by and don’t even know this gem is here or how easy it is to reach.

Reaching DEW Falls is easy as it is just off Highway 281 about 4 miles south of the entrance to Gorges State Park or 4 miles north of the border of South Carolina.  The trailhead is just behind a gate on the west side of highway 281 about 1/10’th of a mile from Whitewater Church Road or about 100 yards from the large grass parking area for John’s Jump Falls.  The parking area is very small and can only fit 1 or 2 vehicles at a time.  DEW Falls is about 75 minutes from Asheville North Carolina or Greenville South Carolina.  There are no restroom facilities on site.

The trail to DEW Falls starts just beyond the gate off Highway 281.  Since this area doesn’t receive a lot of traffic sometimes the trail can become a little overgrown but you basically follow the obvious road beyond the gate into the woods for about 100ft looking for a trail off the main trail that heads left down to the falls.  It is right at the top of the small incline and you should hear the falls in the background.  There is also a very identifiable Y-shaped tree just off the trail.

Follow this narrower trail another 100ft down to the creek and waterfall.    There is a small steep incline of about 4-5 feet right as you encounter the creek.

The viewing area for DEW Falls isn’t too large but you will likely have the falls all to yourself so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.  The trail puts you right on the rocky shore of the creek in front of the large pool below the falls.  It is a picture perfect spot for viewing the falls and enjoying an unspoiled spot in the North Carolina forest.

This is an out and back hike so hike back to the parking area when you have finished enjoying DEW Falls.

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