Dry Falls

A roadside classic that is just a few minutes outside of Highlands North Carolina. A must see North Carolina waterfall!

Just off Highway 64, a few miles west of Highlands North Carolina, is the impressive and very easy to reach Dry Falls of the Nantahala National Forest. Literally just a few hundred feet off the road the facilities for the falls are almost as impressive as the waterfall itself. There is a decent sized parking lot, restrooms, a paved sidewalk down to the falls, and even a handicapped accessible observation deck that provides a good view of the waterfall. The best part of Dry Falls, however, is the fact that you can walk behind the waterfall and supposedly stay dry (hence the name). Although most days you will likely still get wet from the spay and mist. This kid-friendly spot is a must see if you are visiting the area.

Dry Falls is located just off Highway 64 about 3 1/2 miles west of Highlands North Carolina. While you can’t see the waterfall from the road, you should have no problem finding it as there is a parking area and ample signage. Dry Falls is open year-round from dawn to dusk and requires a small fee for visiting that is paid at a self-serve fee station. There are restroom facilities at the parking area.

To view Dry Falls, take the stairs at the side of the parking lot and follow the paved path down for about 100 yards. You will likely hear Dry Falls from the parking lot and you will see it very quickly on the path as soon as it switches back and heads towards the falls. The path continues all the way down to the falls, behind it, and then past it a little on the other side. Most of the time there is massive water flow over the falls with excellent views from just about any point on the path. It is a very impressive waterfall that can easily be enjoyed by just about everyone.

When you have finished enjoying Dry Falls walk safely back up to the parking area.

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