Falls Park on the Reedy

Located on the Reedy River right in the center of Greenville South Carolina, Falls Park is, without doubt, the perfect city park.

Located in downtown Greenville South Carolina, Falls Park on the Reedy River is more than your typical city park. It is the center of a beautiful city with open grass, meticulously cared for gardens, artwork, inviting paths and walkways, a river with a waterfall, and the very picturesque Liberty Bridge. It is also within walking distance of coffeehouses, pubs, restaurants, and many local shops and art galleries. It is the perfect spot to visit year-round when you want to relax and enjoy the wonders of what many consider the perfect city park.

Falls Park is located in the heart of downtown Greenville directly off the west end of Main Street. It is easily accessed via Interstate 85 by taking either Interstate 385 from the North or Interstate 185 from the South. Drive towards downtown Greenville and there will be plenty of signs to help direct you to Falls Park. There is also plenty of parking available on the streets, lots and garages in the immediate vicinity with most lots offering 2-hour free parking. The park is open daily from 7am – 9pm and there is no admission fee.

Falls Park is an absolute treasure for the City of Greenville. The grounds of the park are beautifully maintained with a warm, inviting, and comfortable feel throughout the entire park. Falls Park sets the standard of how a busy city and park can seamlessly and brilliantly coexist in a complimentary manner. As such, Falls Park is really the core of the city supporting so much more than just daily city life. Falls Park hosts numerous weddings, private events, and festivals that bring people together for memorable experiences at the park.

Falls Park is also home to the unique Liberty Bridge that crosses the Reedy River spanning the park from East to West. The Liberty Bridge is unlike any other bridge in America. The bridge is a curved pedestrian suspension bridge spanning 345 feet and is only supported on the outer curve. It has the appearance of floating on air and offers the best views of the park and Reedy River Falls.

No visit to Greenville would be complete without also visiting Falls Park. Just make sure you allocate enough time to relax and really enjoy all that Falls Park has to offer.

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