Jump Off Rock

An easily reached scenic overlook which provides breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge and Pisgah mountain ranges.

High atop the quaint and beautiful town of Laurel Park sits the scenic overlook of Jump Off Rock. Jump Off Rock is an 8 acre well maintained city park that offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains as well as three modest hiking trails on the park grounds. It is open from sunrise to sunset and is a great spot to visit year round.

Jump Off Rock is located at the end of Laurel Park Highway in the town of Laurel Park. It is about 5 miles from downtown Hendersonville and is easily reached by taking Fifth Avenue West which becomes Laurel Park Highway. There is plenty of signage directing you along the way and you can’t miss it since it is literally the end of the road. It is about 45 minutes from Asheville, NC or an hour from Greenville SC. There is plenty of parking and admission is free.

At an elevation of 3100 feet, the views from Jump Off Rock, even on a bad day, are spectacular and include many well known peaks from the Blue Ridge Mountains. There is plenty of space on the park plateau for most park type activities; but the view is always there and will be a welcome distraction to whatever you are trying to do.

Jump Off Rock was named from a native American legend that has been passed down through the years about a young Cherokee maiden that jumped off the rock when she learned that her love died in battle. You can learn about the more recent history of Jump Off Rock from informative signs on the park grounds.

There are also three well marked and interesting hiking trails that circle the park. The trails vary in distance and difficulty so be sure to check out the posted signs and enjoy a nice walk through the woods.

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