Little Bradley Falls

A short hike along Cove Creek gets you to this beautiful waterfall hidden in the Green River Game Lands.

Tucked nicely inside the Green River Game Lands of Western North Carolina is the beautiful and very picturesque Little Bradley Falls. The falls are reached via the Little Bradley Trail in Saluda North Carolina.

The trailhead for Little Bradley Falls is located off of Holbert Cove Rd in Saluda North Carolina. It is 3 easy miles off of Interstate 26 from the Saluda exit #59. The parking area for the trail isn’t marked but easily spotted as it is just before the road crosses Cove Creek and it is exactly 3 miles from the Interstate. There is also a small metal gate visible off the parking area. The parking area isn’t huge but is sufficient as this trail isn’t usually too crowded. Cross the street and Cove Creek to reach the trailhead and begin your hike.

The Little Bradley trail is a moderate hike that is easily identified and navigated. The trail is marked with red blazes on trees and there is very minimal elevation change throughout the hike. However, you will encounter a few creek crossings that will likely require you to get your feet wet. depending on the amount of recent rainfall and the size of the creek, this may not be the best hike for smaller children. But if getting your feet wet doesn’t bother you, this hike is definitely worth the effort.

The hike essentially follows Cove Creek the entire way. At the start of the hike you will encounter a Y in the trail but keep right following the creek and you will be treated to magnificent views along with the soothing sounds of the creek your entire hike. Take your time and watch your footing when you encounter the creek crossings. Cove Creek will initially be on your right but will eventually end up on your left as you near the falls. When you encounter the old chimney ruins in the forest, you are almost there.

The trail ends when you reach Little Bradley Falls. It is a beautiful triple tiered waterfall that feeds into a large pool at the bottom of the cascade. While there are no facilities at the falls, there is adequate area to hang out, relax, and enjoy a lesser traveled treasure of Western North Carolina.

Hike back the trail in reverse to return to the parking lot but take your time and enjoy the views.

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  1. Not well marked at the trailhead so it’s hard to determine which way to go. It would be great if additional signage was placed at beginning.


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