Meadow Falls

A short 15ft waterfall that is big on beauty. A good kid friendly waterfall and hike.

Located in the Upstate of South Carolina, in the Clemson Experimental Forest, is the secluded waterfall – Meadow Falls. This 15ft multi-tiered beauty is very easy to reach and has a large viewing area at the base of the falls. Not only is this a great spot for small children, but it can also be enjoyed by the whole family. The remnants of an old grist mill, which was used to mill grains is also present at the base of the falls.

The trailhead to Meadow Falls is located just a few hundred feet past where R C Edwards School Road intersects with Old 6 Mile Road in Central South Carolina. Look for the gated dirt road, which has a few pull-off parking spaces around it. As you can’t block the gate, this leaves a small, but sufficient parking area. There are also no restroom facilities at the trailhead. Meadow Falls is just a few minutes West of Central South Carolina or about 45 minutes from Greenville South Carolina.

There are a couple of route options to reach Meadow Falls. To choose your path, walk past the gate to the informative signboard; at this point you can take the small trail just to the left or continue on the main dirt road toward the structure in the distance. Either direction is about 1/2 of a mile to the waterfall although going straight on the dirt road is slightly shorter.

If you choose the small trail to the left, you will quickly encounter a larger trail that veers to the right. Shortly after the trail opens up, you will reach the creek and walk parallel to it down to the waterfall. Taking this route will also lead you to some picnic tables next to the creek.

If you stay straight on the dirt road, you will walk past the old structure and then encounter a fenced forest service area; continue on the trail to the right. Fairly soon after this, you will reach a hill and will follow the trail down until you intersect with the trail that parallels the creek.

As the two trails merge into one, the directions from here to the falls are the same. Follow the trail downstream and soon you will reach two footbridges, then a marked intersection for the Big Hole Loop. Turn right continuing to follow the creek downstream. In about 100ft you will reach the falls. Look for the well constructed stairs leading down to the base of the falls.

Meadow Falls is a short quaint waterfall but it is beautiful. It is in a great place in the forest with plenty of area at the base of the falls to relax. This is the perfect spot for kids to play or even to have a picnic while enjoying a wonderful feature hidden in the woods of the Clemson Forest.

This is an out-and-back hike so when you are finished enjoying Meadow Falls, hike safely back to the parking area.

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