Moore Cove Falls

A short hike through the Pisgah National Forest will get you to this beautiful 50ft waterfall that you can walk behind or under if you want to.

In the Southern Pisgah Forest just north of Brevard North Carolina in Transylvania County which is known as the land of waterfalls, sits the hidden jewel –  Moore Cove Falls.  This stunning waterfall is approximately 50 feet high, is also very high on the wow factor, and only 3/4’s of a mile from the road via a very nice and well maintained trail.

The trailhead to Moore Cove Falls is located along Highway 276 about 7 miles north of the Highway 276 and Highway 64 intersection in Brevard North Carolina or 8 miles south of the Highway 276 and Blue Ridge Parkway intersection.  It is only about 15 minutes from Brevard North Carolina, 45 minutes from Asheville North Carolina, or 90 minutes from Greenville South Carolina. The drive to the falls is very  nice as you drive through the beautiful Pisgah National Forest with many scenic views.  This is a very popular spot and unfortunately there are no signs on the road for the trailhead nor is there adequate parking.  You will have to look for the information board and the small wooden bridge at the start of the trail.  It is also exactly 1 mile north of Looking Glass Falls.

The trailhead for Moore Cove Falls is easily identified as it starts immediately behind the information boards with the small wooden bridge.  The trail is wide, easily followed, and very nicely maintained.  While there are a few creek crossings, wooden bridges are in place for all of them.  This short hike has only a minimal elevation change making it a great hike for all fitness levels.  It is a beautiful walk through the forest with nice views of Moore Creek, the Pisgah Forest, and a few large craggy rocks.   The trail is very easy to follow, it is marked with yellow blazes.  Just about when you feel like you should be there, you will ascend a short hill, turn a corner and Moore Cove Falls, in all of its beauty, will be there in front of you.

There is a spacious viewing area that is fenced off to view the front of the falls.  However, the real attraction of this waterfall is the ability to walk behind it or, on a hot summer day, right under the falls.  There isn’t a lot of water flow on Moore Cove Falls but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality.  It really is a site to see and is highly recommended.

The trail does continue from behind the falls but it becomes markedly steeper and more difficult behind the falls.  There is another small cascade above Moore Cove Falls but the trail is technically a class 3 climb as it will require the use of your hands to safely ascend the trail.  It is also very exposed in some sections making it dangerous and definitely not for children or the inexperienced hiker.  For most people, Moore Cove Falls will be the final destination of this hike so when you have finished enjoying the waterfall, hike the trail back to the parking lot.

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