Pearson’s Falls

The beautiful 90ft Pearson’s Falls is a very short hike up Colt Creek on a very well maintained trail.

Located just outside the town of Saluda North Carolina along the historic Saluda Grade, Pearson’s Falls is a picture perfect 90 foot tall waterfall that cascades down rocky layers to a beautiful pool at the bottom of the falls. The falls and the surrounding area are owned by the Tryon Garden Club who purchased the area in 1931 to preserve the unique beauty of the area. While the falls are open to the public, it is private property and the Tryon Garden Club charges an entrance fee. At the time of this episode the fees were $5 for adults ages 13 and up, $3 per child ages 6-12, and free for children under 6. Even with the entrance fee, Pearson’s Falls are well worth the trip and the funds collected help the Tryon Garden Club preserve the falls and surrounding forest of which they have been exceptional stewards.

Pearson’s Falls is located at 2748 Pearson Falls Road in Saluda North Carolina. It is conveniently located about 10 minutes off of Interstate 26 off of Route 176 just south of downtown Saluda. It is about 45 minutes from Asheville North Carolina or about 1 hour from Greenville South Carolina. Look for the big sign in front as your approach the falls and you will find a spacious and well maintained parking lot just past the gatehouse.

While the falls are definitely the destination with this hike there is much more than just the hike to the falls. As stated earlier, The Tryon Garden Club has really done an outstanding job of managing and preserving the 268 acres associated with Pearson’s Falls. The trails are immaculately maintained with numerous benches, stairs, and a beautiful stone bridge for the river crossing. There is also plenty of signage along the trail to identify the trees and plants you will encounter on the hike up to the falls. The facility also has numerous picnic benches, some of which are covered, along with well maintained restroom facilities on site.

The hike up to the falls is a moderate 1/4 mile trail up to the falls with little elevation change and should only require minimal footware. It starts at the far end of the parking lot and parallels Colt Creek the entire hike offering countless views of beautiful rapids and springs feeding into the creek. Take your time and enjoy the journey before eventually reaching Pearson’s Falls. The viewing area for the falls is very spacious with benches and picnic tables present in case you wanted to relax and have lunch by the falls.

The falls are named after Charles William Pearson who scouted the area mountains for the railroad. He purchased and owned the land until it was purchased by the Tryon Garden Club in 1931. To learn more about the history of the falls you can visit
Hike back the trail in reverse to return to the parking lot.

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