Pisgah Covered Bridge

Built in 1911, the Pisgah Covered Bridge is one of only two remaining antique covered bridges in North Carolina.

In the small North Carolina community of Pisgah, near Asheboro, sits one of only two remaining historic covered bridges in the state – the humble Pisgah Covered Bridge. Originally built in 1911, at a cost of only $40. Spanning the west fork of the little river at 54 feet in length, this historic treasure is a direct link back to the days when horse and buggy were the primary mode of transportation.

Pisgah Covered Bridge is located at 6925 Pisgah Covered Bridge Rd in Pisgah North Carolina and is completely inside the Uwharrie National Forest. It is only minutes from interstate 74 with good signage in the area to direct you to the bridge. There is adequate parking available and the grounds of the bridge are nicely maintained with picnic tables and a short trail; however there are no restroom facilities onsite. The Pisgah Covered Bridge is located about 20 minutes from Asheboro North Carolina, 45 minutes from Greensboro North Carolina, or 90 minutes from Charlotte North Carolina. The grounds are open daily from dawn to dusk.

The Pisgah Covered Bridge has been designated as both a local and federal historic landmark and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It was built using the modified queen post truss architectural style by John Jackson Welch who was a prominent land owner in the area at the time of its construction.

As you approach Pisgah Covered Bridge, you can’t miss it as it is viewable from the road and the parking area is directly in front of the bridge. The bridge itself is in wonderful shape despite being completely destroyed by a flood in 2003. It was miraculously rebuilt to its exact dimensions at its original location reusing more than 90% of the original pieces. Today it humbly spans little river again and allows visitors to view and appreciate this piece of North Carolina history. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates the history as evidenced by the large amount of graffiti; much of which is highly offensive. Despite this, the bridge is a wonderful piece and worth a visit.

There is also a short 1/4 mile loop trail through the woods on the site that starts at the far end of the bridge. It is a nice walk with a footbridge that crosses the Little River and returns to the corner of the parking lot where there are several picnic tables. Overall, the site of Pisgah Covered Bridge is a great spot to visit. If you come to check out Pisgah Covered Bridge, don’t rush your visit, relax and really enjoy all there is to see and do at this wonderful historic site.

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