The Gorge Zipline

Americas steepest and fastest zipline adventure is located in Western North Carolina.

Imagine spending several hours zipping over a canopy of trees with the Green River Gorge rushing by below you. When you visit The Gorge Zip Line in Saluda North Carolina, it doesn’t have to be only in your imagination.

The Gorge is located in Saluda North Carolina just off exit 59 of Interstate 26. Signage on the road makes it easy to find and there is plenty of parking available in their spacious lot. The Gorge is the perfect day trip destination as it is situated only 40 minutes from Asheville, an hour from Greenville South Carolina, or an hour and 40 minutes from Charlotte North Carolina. With amazingly entertaining guides and incredible views of the forest and the Green River Gorge it is no wonder that The Gorge has become so popular since opening in 2013.

When you first arrive for your adventure and enter the outpost, it is immediately apparent that you are somewhere special as your first view as you enter the facility is out the open back doors which perfectly frames the forest and mountains off in the distance. There are well maintained restroom facilities, tables and chairs to relax on, and a small store where you check-in and purchase souvenirs or any last minute items you need before departing on your adventure.

Safety is always a priority so before you get on any lines, a staff of knowledgeable guides discreetly make sure you are within the necessary weight limits of 70-250 pounds and fit you with a harness, helmet and gloves. Then it is on to ground school where your guides show you how you will be secured through-out your adventure and then explain how to safely ride, stop, and arrive at the receiving platform. From ground school you immediately take to the air as it is time to fly.

The Gorge ziplines are a total of 1.25 miles long and drop 1,100 vertical feet by the time you reach the bottom. With 11 zip lines you can imagine that to cover that amount of ground and height some of them are going to be steep and fast. In fact, The Gorge zipline boasts having one of the fastest and steepest lines in America. If the adrenaline of the ride isn’t enough to inspire your visit then the view should be. As you soar through the trees you will experience dazzling views of the Green River Gorge and feel as though you are actually flying through it. The ziplines are not the only features of the adventure as there is also a sky-bridge that you traverse along with three rappels. Each rappel is a little different and extremely fun. If you thought zipping through the trees was exciting, stepping off of a platform into the air is sure to wow you.

The Gorge is committed to the health and sustainability of the forest that they operate in. Each of their guides is extremely knowledgeable of the area and the care that was, and is continued to be taken in preserving the forest. Throughout your adventure your guides will explain wonderful facts about the forest and numerous points of interest. They will also answer all of your questions so be sure to ask them everything you want to know.

As with all thrill seeking adventures, precautions are taken to ensure that you have the safest trip possible, but there are some limitations and requirements that are necessary to ensure your safety. Visit their website at for all of the requirements, pricing and other frequently ask questions to ensure you are well prepared for your trip. Trips are rain or shine and they operate year round.

The Gorge is an experience that feels like once in a lifetime, but will have you wanting to visit every season.

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