‘The Hunger Games’ Locations

Many of the scenes from the Hunger Games were filmed in North Carolina. This episode of HD Carolina will explore some of the more public areas used in the film.

North Carolina provided a lot of the settings and scenes for the hugely popular movie series The Hunger Games.  Many of the scenes were filmed on warehouse sets or private locations in the cities of Charlotte and Shelby North Carolina.  However there are a few very notable scenes that were filmed in public areas of Western North Carolina.  In this episode, we will explore a few of these locations.

The first location is the DuPont State Forest located in Cedar Mountain, NC.  It is easily accessed being only an hour from either Greenville, South Carolina or Asheville North Carolina.     There are three specific spots of interest for the Hunger Games fan inside the DuPont State Forest – Triple Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Camp Summit Road near the old airstrip.  

In the first movie, when Katniss is tracking Peeta after he is injured, she finds him hidden in an opening in the rock surface below Triple Falls.  Triple Falls is easily accessed via the Hooker Falls parking lot located at 1300 Staton Road in Cedar Mountain North Carolina.   It is a short 3/10’ths of a mile hike to the falls and there are other great falls in the immediate area to see as well.

Bridal Veil falls is another area inside the forest that was used a lot in the movie.  Fans will notice that this is the spot Katniss jumps into a pool of water after being burned.  Bridal Veil falls is a little deeper into the forest and there are several ways of reaching the falls via trails that are 2-3 miles long.  However, if you are going to see Triple Falls, we recommend continuing on the trail towards and past High Falls another 1.8 miles to Bridal Veil falls.  The majority of the hike to Bridal Veil Falls will be via Conservation Road, which is an important trail for the next spot.

The final major area of interest inside the DuPont State Forest is Camp Summit Road which is where the fire scenes were filmed.  As Katniss approached the boundary of the Hunger Games, the arena launched fireballs and the forest burned.  While there is very little evidence of the filming that took place here, the sites are along the Camp Summit Road trail which is a little further down the Conservation Road Trail past the turn off for Bridal Veil Falls.   As you turn left and head down the trail on Camp Summit, two sites were on the left with another site on the right as you round a curve.

When finished viewing the sites on the Camp Summit Road trail, head back to the Conservation Road Trail and make your way back to the Hooker Falls Parking Lot.  As mentioned before, there are other approaches you can take to Bridal Veil Falls if you don’t want to make the long hike from the Hooker Falls Parking lot.  If you are interested in mapping out another approach, we recommend visiting the Friends of the DuPont Forest website at www.DuPontForest.com for additional options and appropriate maps that you can download and print out.

A short 2 hour trip from the DuPont State Forest will bring you to the Henry River Mill Village where the cast spent 9 days filming many of the scenes from District 12 including the easily recognized Mellark’s Bakery scene.  Henry Mill Village is an old abandoned ghost town that was built in the early 1900’s to support the Henry River Manufacturing Company.  The buildings are old and not safe to enter but exploring the grounds you will find plenty of recognizable scenes from the movie.

The village is located in Hildebran North Carolina and is easily reached heading 1/2 mile south of exit 119 off Interstate 40.  Be sure to respect all posted signage in the area.

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