The Woodds

Glamorous camping(aka ‘glamping’) at its finest in the beautiful Hickory Nut Gorge area.

For the history of mankind, campfires have been at the heart of society; bringing families and friends together to warm up the night and keep away predators; it was our first form of entertainment. These days it is much harder to find the space for a fire and while camping has its positives, sometimes you don’t want the effort associated with it as you have to carry tents, sleeping bags and all essentials onto a campground somewhere. Not anymore! When you just want an easy and quick way of camping comfortably, The Woodds is a glamping, that is to say glamorous camping experience.

Being nestled in the mountains of Hendersonville North Carolina, The Woodds boasts of fairytale like beauty with white canvas tents dotting the beautiful Reedypatch Creek. Located off highway 64 just 40 minutes from Asheville North Carolina, 1 hour from Greenville South Carolina, or 2 hours from Charlotte North Carolina, this area is perfect for a weekend outing. When you arrive at the front gate and drive down into the parking lot it is immediately apparent that you have stumbled onto something unique. Parking is not a problem as each tent has an assigned parking space. You are also provided with a flashlight and access to wagons to carry your things, like food or clothes, to your campsite.

The camp is split by the creek through the middle, with bathroom facilities, a lounge and a camp store on both sides. No matter what tent you stay in there are fire pits, a range of seating options like picnic tables and camp chairs, and a container to gather water from one of the many spigots sprinkled throughout the property. During the day you can occupy time by sitting by a fire, soaking your feet in the river, hiking the trail on the property to Little Chimney Rock, or by just hanging out and spending time with friends. The trailhead starts across the river behind the lounge and climbs the hill on the back side of the campground. It is extremely steep in some places and even has a fixed rope to assist you up the steepest part. But the hike is beautiful and worth the effort if you can make it.

The tents used at The Woodds are European Bell Style tents and equipped with air mattresses, bedding, night stands, toiletries, towels, lanterns and heaters as it can get rather cold in the mountains at night. If you happen to forget a toothbrush, or need a snack the store has plenty to offer from food and toiletries to charcoal, gas grills and firewood. So as to not potentially infect healthy trees with diseases from other forests The Woodds asks that all firewood be purchased onsite, and it is available at most of the campsites as well as the camp stores.

The staff is extremely welcoming, accommodating and willing to help any way they can while also giving you the space to enjoy your visit. With lighted pathways at night and warm running water it is easy to forget that you are camping. While some of the tents have riverfront access, all of the tents have river views and the sound of the river can be heard inside your tent. Who wouldn’t love to have this sound lull you to sleep at night?

Get back to your human roots, take a trip to The Woodds, build a fire and relax.

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