Todd Creek Falls

A beautiful waterfall inside the Clemson Experimental Forest that is very easy to reach.

Located in the Upstate of South Carolina in the Todds Creek area of the Clemson Experimental Forest, is the wonderfully easy to reach gem – Todd Creek Falls. This surprisingly beautiful 20ft waterfall is located on a power right-of-way and has a large pool at the base of the falls that is popular for cooling off in the warm summer months. There is also an old spring and a mill dam that can be visited which are located a short distance downstream from the falls.

The trailhead to Todd Creek Falls is located on Brookbend Road in Central, South Carolina. It isn’t marked but it is easy to find as it starts at the only bridge on Brookbend road and there are also very large power lines overhead that parallel Todd Creek. On one side of the bridge there is a small pull-off but it only has room for a couple of vehicles. There are also no restroom facilities at the trailhead. Todd Creek Falls is just a few minutes north of Central, South Carolina or about 45 minutes from Greenville, South Carolina.

The trail starts on the opposite side of the street from the pull-off heading downstream. For the most part, the trail is relatively flat and will follow Todd Creek about 3/10’s of a mile to the falls. There is one section, about half-way where the creek bends to the right and you may have to rock-hop a little bit. Shortly after this, Todd Creek Falls will be visible. Continue walking just past the falls and look for a short trail leading downhill to the base of the waterfall.

The area at the base of the falls is large with a few large boulders to relax on. The large shallow pool at the base of the falls really adds to the beauty of this destination. Since it is so easy to reach, it is a great spot to bring a picnic, hangout and enjoy an upstate treasure.

Just downstream of the falls are two additional points of interest that can be visited and are worth the hike. An old spring and a mill dam are only 2/10’s of a mile from the falls. Follow the trail into the woods as it continues to parallel Todd Creek. Fairly quickly you will reach the old spring which has a stone wall built around it.

Continuing further downstream will lead to an old mill dam on Todd Creek. As you get close, the creek becomes almost a marsh as the dam limits the flow of the water. Listen for the sound of the water as it rushes over the dam and then look for the trail leading down to the mill.

Whether you visit just the falls or continue to the mill dam, this is an out and back hike so when are finished exploring the area, hike safely back to the parking area.

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