Upper Cascade Falls

The beautiful Upper Cascade Falls which is a very short hike from the visitor center at Hanging Rock State Park.

Just outside the visitor center in Hanging Rock State Park is the beautiful and easily accessed Upper Cascade Falls.  At a modest 25ft, this picturesque destination doesn’t disappoint and is well worth 3/10’s of a mile hike where there is a nice viewing platform as well as access to the base of the falls.

The trailhead to Upper Cascade Falls is located at the visitors center parking lot on the entrance side of the lot.  Look for the trailhead sign that is right next to the road as you would be existing the parking lot. While there are no facilities on the trail there are restroom facilities available at the visitor center building in the center of the parking area.

The trail initially starts out paved and crosses the main camp entrance road where it turns to gravel and gradually descends down to the falls.  The trail is very wide, easy to follow and in great shape.  The elevation change is also very minimal giving this trail an easy rating.  After walking a short distance, you will turn, parallel the river and quickly encounter a boardwalk which becomes the end of the trail as it turns to a multi-tiered observation deck.  You can view the falls from the overlook or walk down a short flight of stairs down to the base of the falls where you will get your best view.

Upper Cascade Falls is a popular spot and there will likely be others there enjoying the falls with you.  If it is a warm day, expect to see people with their feet in the small pool of water at the base of the falls.  It is a nice spot to relax at and maybe even have a picnic and enjoy lunch with your feet cooling off in the water.

This is an out-an-back hike so when you are done, hike back up to the visitors center parking lot.

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