Waldrop Stone Falls

The tallest waterfall in the Clemson Experimental Forest is very easy to reach.

Located in the Todds Creek area of the Clemson Experimental Forest in the Upstate of South Carolina is the tall and beautiful cascade – Waldrop Stone Falls. With a total height of about 50 feet, this is one of the taller waterfalls in the area. It is a multi-tiered waterfall that is located in a pretty area of the forest and only about 1/2 of a mile from the road.

The trailhead to Waldrop Stone Falls is located in Central South Carolina and begins right at the corner of Madden Bridge Road and Waldrop Stone Road. The start of the trail isn’t marked on the road but there is an informative signboard viewable just past the service gate. As you can’t block access to the gate that leaves a very small parking area which only has room for a couple of vehicles. There are also no restroom facilities at the trailhead. Waldrop Stone Falls is just a few minutes north of downtown Central South Carolina or about 45 minutes from Greenville South Carolina.

The trail, which was built by the Clemson Boy Scout Troop T-235, starts just on the other side of gate at the informative signboard. The signboard also has a map of the trail that you should checkout before starting your hike.

When you are ready to begin, continue up the wide trail into the forest. There are numerous informational plaques along the way that will tell you all about the Clemson Experimental Forest. After about 3/10’s of a mile, look for the marked trail that cuts to the left and starts the descent down to the falls. The trail is marked with white blazes and continues to have informational plaques describing many of the plants, trees, and features of the forest. Shortly after you start your descent you reach an intersection; if you choose to go left you will loop back to Waldrop Stone Road, but going right will take you to the falls. Your destination is not far at this point and you will likely hear the falls in the background. The last section of the trail leading down to the falls is on a very steep incline, but the trail is well constructed with wooden steps and short switchbacks making the final descent fairly easy. There are also a few benches present if you need to rest.

The flow on Waldrop Stone Falls typically isn’t too strong and can vary depending on the amount of recent rainfall. Regardless of the volume of water, this is a great spot to visit as it is a very beautiful waterfall and area of the forest. The viewing area at the base of the falls isn’t large but it is big enough to comfortably enjoy this wonderful gem of Pickens County.

When you are finished enjoying Waldrop Stone Falls, hike safely back up the incline. You can either backtrack the same way you came in, or continue the loop and hike along creek which will circle back to the parking area.

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