Waterfalls Park

A small but wonderful city park with numerous cascades from a small creek that flows through the property.

Just off NC highway 194, as you drive through the charming mountain town of Newland North Carolina, is the small roadside park – Waterfalls Park. Also known as Bobby McLean Memorial Park, this small park offers a beautiful and relaxing environment with picnic tables, barbeques, short hiking trails, and a few small waterfalls from the creek that flows through the middle of the park.

Waterfalls Park is located in the quaint town of Newland North Carolina just off Cranberry Street or NC-194 about 1 mile north of the center of Newland . It is right off the highway and is a great stop, year round, if you are traveling through or around the area seeing any of the other regional mountain destinations. There are no restroom facilities at the park. There is a very small onsite parking lot that holds 4-5 cars. There is no admission fee to Waterfalls Park. It is made available and maintained by the Newland Volunteer Fire Department.

From the parking area, cross the creek using the wooden bridge to the scenic park area where there are picnic tables, benches, a barbeque grill, and views of the creek that flow through the middle of the park. The bridge provides a great view of the lowest cascade of the falls.

There are additional cascades upstream that you can walk to via a very short trail leading up the left side of the creek. It is uphill but the trail is in good shape and the climb isn’t too steep. There are also additional picnic tables and benches as you meander up the trail. The trail continues up the hill until it levels off and joins other trails that loop around the forest above Waterfalls Park. The upper cascades are worth checking out if you can make the short climb up the trail. None of the cascades are huge but they are each beautiful.

The flow over the cascades will vary depending on the amount of recent rainfall but the view will seldom disappoint. Waterfalls Park is a great destination to explore or just relax, enjoy the view, and grill out or enjoy a picnic with your family.

When you have finished enjoying Waterfalls Park be careful pulling out of the parking lot as the park is located on a fairly busy highway so use caution pulling back out into traffic.

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