Confusion Falls

A rare double waterfall from two different creeks that occur together as they join into a single creek.

2/10’s of a mile downstream from the beautiful Moonshine Falls of Cleveland, South Carolina, is the exceptional Confusion Falls that is somewhat of a rarity when it comes to waterfalls.  Confusion Falls is actually two waterfalls, from two separate creeks, that each form waterfalls right as they join together in the large and shallow pool at the base of the falls.  The falls are not too high but are off the charts in beauty.  It is a wonderful experience visiting Confusion Falls but it is difficult and strenuous to reach.  The trail to the falls is about 3 miles one way with the last 2/10’s of a mile being the toughest part of the trail.  However, you wouldn’t hike to Confusion Falls without first stopping and seeing Moonshine Falls so you are going to see at least two beautiful waterfalls if you take the trek to Confusion Falls.  You could make it three waterfalls and visit the small Cascade Falls along the way on the hike in.

The hike to Confusion Falls is a continuation of the hike to Moonshine Falls.  Watch the HD Carolina episode on Moonshine Falls to learn all about the hike in, directions to the trailhead, and the particulars about access to these beautiful waterfalls.

The trail to Confusion Falls starts at the top of the ridge where you turned left to head down to Moonshine Falls.   The trail is very faint, loose, and not blazed although we did notice a few ribbons tied to small trees and bushes along the way.   It is also very steep in some sections so only experienced hikers should continue to Confusion Falls.

The short hike to the falls continues on the faint trail leading straight.  Follow this along the right for only a short distance to where you will encounter a clearing that would make a nice camp site.  The trail continues past the camp site into the bushes following the ridge until it starts to descend sharply.  At this point the trail becomes even more loose.  You will actually want to start heading left down the ridge but the trail to the left is difficult to spot.  The most worn trail will continue straight down to the creek but you will be too far downstream.  Either way you will be fine as you can walk upstream until you encounter Confusion Falls.  When you see a small cascade, you are almost there.  Keep bush whacking your way upstream until you find the falls.  Just be mindful of where you are on the ridge so that you can make it back up to the trail when you are ready to make your way back to the trail head.

Confusion Falls is such a treat to experience and if you were adventurous enough to make it to the falls, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Being so remote and difficult to reach it is likely that you will have the falls all to yourself so enjoy it.

Make sure you take some time to rest and relax at the falls as you will need your strength to get back up the ridge.

When you have finished enjoying the falls and you’re ready to go,  start heading downstream and look for the trail up the ridge just before the cascades. If you didn’t catch this trail on the way down, you can try to find it for the climb up.  Otherwise, you will need to hike further downstream where you can pick up the longer trail leading up the ridge.  Your goal is the top of the steep ridge where you will rejoin with the trail that led to Moonshine Falls, from here continue your hike back to the parking area at Asbury Hills.

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