Devil’s Courthouse

A scenic rocky mountain along the Blue Ridge Parkway that offers near 360 degree views from the lookout at the summit.

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway, as it traverses the Southern Pisgah National Forest, is the rocky and beautiful mountain peak known as the Devil’s Courthouse.  At an elevation of 5,720 feet, it provides a nearly 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Devil’s Courthouse is located at milepost 422.4 of the Blue Ridge Parkway just south of the Devil’s Courthouse tunnel.  The exposed rocky mountain top is unmistakable from the road as your drive on the parkway.  The spacious parking lot provides stunning views of this unique mountain and has a single picnic table located in the corner.  It is located about 45 minutes from Brevard North Carolina, 1 hour from Asheville North Carolina, or 1 hour 45 minutes from Greenville South Carolina.

The hike to the top of Devil’s Courthouse is about 1/2 mile and, while it is worth every step, you will have to work for most of those steps.  The trail is somewhat strenuous due to the quick elevation gain.  The trail is very well maintained and starts out in the corner of the parking lot paralleling the parkway towards the tunnel.  The trail is paved during the steepest sections making the climb a little easier.  There are also a few benches provided that you can use to catch your breath if necessary. As the pavement ends you’re almost there.  The trail cuts to the right and continues up the ridge to a spacious and protected viewing area that is kid safe.

The summit of Devil’s Courthouse offers stunning views in almost every direction that include a number of well known peaks as well as views well into South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.  There are a number of interactive plaques with sight over cones to help you find and identify the various mountains visible in the distance.

Please note and observe the signs posted at the viewing area and along the trail as Devil’s Courthouse is host to a number of rare plant and animal species that would be disturbed or damaged if you ventured outside the public areas.  Besides, the view is better within the protected viewing area as it is the highest point on the mountain.

When you are done enjoying the view from atop Devil’s Courthouse, enjoy the 1/2 mile downhill hike back to the parking lot.

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