Looking Glass Falls

A 45ft drive up beauty along Looking Glass Creek in the Pisgah National Forest just North of Brevard, NC.

In the Southern Pisgah Forest, just outside Brevard, North Carolina is an area known as the land of waterfalls in Transylvania County, where you’ll find this roadside beauty known as Looking Glass Falls. ¬†This 45ft waterfall along looking glass creek is easily accessible via a paved sidewalk and steps, and is mere feet from the side of the road.

Looking Glass Falls is located along highway 276 about 5 miles north of the Highway 276 and Highway 64 intersection in Brevard North Carolina, or 9 miles south of the Highway 276 and Blue Ridge Parkway intersection.  The drive to the falls is absolutely beautiful as you drive through the Pisgah National Forest with lots of scenic views.  The forestry service has done a wonderful job with signage so you can’t miss the falls as you approach.  They even have a sign for a turn-around in the rare case that you missed the turn off for the falls or need to circle back for a parking spot.  The parking area for Looking Glass Falls is a large area for parallel parking along the highway; however this is a very popular spot and the parking area can be full at times.   Take your time, slow down, and circle back a few times if you need to in order to find a safe spot to park.

From the parking area the falls are easily reached – if not already visible – as it is immediately off the road just south of the corner on Highway 276.  There is a large viewing platform at road level that provides great views of the falls along with additional viewing areas down a few flights of stairs.  Looking Glass Falls is a picture perfect waterfall that is highly recommended.  It is almost mesmerizing to stand at the lower observation deck and watch the falls, listen to its roar, and feel the wind and mist that is created as looking glass creek persistently pours over the rock face.

Be safe as you pull away from the parking area and watch for oncoming traffic.

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