Bald Rock

Bald Rock is an easily accessible and popular vista in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area of South Carolina.

Located in the upstate of South Carolina near the North Carolina border in North Greenville County, is the popular and easily accessible Bald Rock.  The Bald Rock Heritage Preserve is part of the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area and it provides scenic and far reaching views of Table Rock Mountain as well as the surrounding Greenville and Pickens counties so the south.

Bald Rock is located on the east side of Highway 276 about five miles south of Caesars Head State Park or 19 miles north of Highway 25.  Highway 276 is a nicely maintained road and you shouldn’t have any issues traveling up the mountain to the broad pull-off area for Balk Rock.  Unfortunately the area isn’t marked with any signage so you will have to look for the pull-off / parking area with a small wooden bridge leading to the vista.  Bald Rock is about 1 hour south of Asheville North Carolina or about 45 minutes North of Greenville South Carolina.

While the face of bald rock is unfortunately covered with an excessive amount of graffiti, some of which is offensive, the views from  Bald Rock on a good clear day or evening can be priceless.  It is a popular spot and there can be a lot of people present at times.  But it is an expansive area so you should have no problem finding you own little area to enjoy the views.  Be aware that there are some steep sections if you wander far out onto the rock so care should be taken.   However the majority of the views can be enjoyed safely from very flat or low inclined areas making  it perfect for the person who is weary of heights but wants to feel like they are sitting on top of the world. The walk to Bald Rock from the parking area is literally just a few feet so it is also a great spot for enjoying lunch or maybe watching the sunset.  Be prepared to carry everything out as there are no trash receptacles on site.  There are also no restroom facilities so plan accordingly.

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