Solar Eclipse Event of 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017Today (May 13th, 2017) marks 100 days until the solar eclipse event of 2017 that will occur on Monday, August 21st.  While solar eclipses happen often, this will be the first time in 26 years that a total solar eclipse will occur over the United States.  This particular eclipse will cut right across the US including a large portion of Western North Carolina and much of South Carolina creating unprecedented viewing opportunities.  Where are the best viewing spots?  There are going to be many as the path of totality, the eclipse shadow, passes generously over a wide area of the Carolina’s just after 2pm.  Since the event is occurring on a Monday, you can makes plans for an epic weekend of adventure that is crowned with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of viewing one of the most beautiful sites – a full and complete total solar eclipse.



Welcome to HD Carolina!

As with most things, HD Carolina started with a vision.  A vision that began with a love of the area where we live.  While HD Carolina is technically based in North Carolina, we are so close to the border with South Carolina that we really feel like a “Carolinian” claiming both states as our own.  With “Carolina” on our mind, our vision was to create something new and different to share the beauty and culture of these two wonderful states with the masses.  Granted there and are already a lot of great websites out there doing just that but HD Carolina is different as our primary method of sharing the beauty of these states with the world is through high definition (HD) videos that are streamed via our website and a number of connected TV platforms.


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