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As with most things, HD Carolina started with a vision.  A vision that began with a love of the area where we live.  While HD Carolina is technically based in North Carolina, we are so close to the border with South Carolina that we really feel like a “Carolinian” claiming both states as our own.  With “Carolina” on our mind, our vision was to create something new and different to share the beauty and culture of these two wonderful states with the masses.  Granted there and are already a lot of great websites out there doing just that but HD Carolina is different as our primary method of sharing the beauty of these states with the world is through high definition (HD) videos that are streamed via our website and a number of connected TV platforms.

The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” holds true and we believe that this is also true with each frame of HD video that is streamed.  A well produced high definition video can convey so much more than just a simple web article or picture.  It is how we see and experience the world.  How many times have you read about a hike or destination on a website only to experience uncertainty when you go to visit that destination?  “Do I turn here?”  “Am I on the right trail?”  These questions, for the most part, disappear when you watch a curated video that shows all of the important details of a specific location.  This is our vision – produce high quality high definition videos of “things to see and do in the Carolina’s”.  It’s that simple.

The “HD Carolina” Channel:
HD Carolina was the first, and as of early 2017 the only Carolina themed channel available on the Roku and Amazon Fire TV platforms. All of the videos on the website, along with a few live webcams from various locations, are available to watch on your TV via the convenient HD Carolina channel. In addition to the TV channel, we also have the HD Carolina website which supports the videos.

The HD Carolina Website:
In addition to standard website features like videos and informative blog posts, please check out these other features available on the website:

  • Weather – Beside each video you will find the current weather conditions at that location (updated hourly) as well as the forecast for that day and the following two days.
  • Nearby – Each video page includes suggestions of other close destinations with mileage (as the crow flies) and hyperlinks to connect you to more details about things to do and see near your selected destination.
  • Pictures -In addition to the video there are usually several pictures of each location.
  • Closest – If you access the website from a mobile device and click on Episodes, you can use the green drop-down menu in the center of the page to select the “closest 24” videos to your current location.  The hardest decision you may have at this point is choosing your next destination.
  • Map – There is also an interactive map that you can use to graphically see where everything is located.  From there you can easily click on a destination and navigate to the video of that spot.

There is also the “contact us” section which isn’t necessarily new or groundbreaking but we do love hearing for you.  Please let us know if our videos were helpful or if there is anything you would like to see on the website or TV channel.  We have so much to do and see in the Carolina’s but your feedback helps us to get to destinations we know our followers are interested in seeing next.

I am the co-founder of HD Carolina. I also started several other service based companies in North Carolina. I am also a musician, photographer, wine geek (WSET Level 2 in Wines Certified with distinction), computer nerd, and lover of all things cool. Most importantly, however, I am a husband, father, and very proud (newly minted) grandfather.

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  1. I picked the HD Carolina as my screensaver with my Roku. It is my favorite. When friends and relatives visit they are amazed at the beautiful photos and immediately say they want to visit the Blue Ridge Parkway area. You recently. The photography is outstanding. Thank you!


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