Forrest Gump Film Locations in the Carolinas

Richard V. Woods Memorial Bridge

Forrest Gump tells the inspirational story of a simple man with a big heart who never lets life’s tribulations get him down. Forrest warmed our hearts instantly, much faster than the speed at which he speaks. The movie cleverly shows how the most modest of souls can have the biggest impact on our lives. From … Read more

The Haunting of Zillicoa Street

Zillicoa Street

On the night of March 10, 1948, tragedy struck Highland Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina when a deadly fire engulfed the kitchen in the main building. Flames spread rapidly through a wooden dumbwaiter shaft, then took each floor one by one, stealing the lives of patients who had been drugged and locked in their rooms … Read more

Just in Time for NC Wine Month…A Winery Video!


Today, May 4th 2020, we published a video on our YouTube channel that is a bit of a departure from our normal format.  It is an informative video of sorts; kind of like a “How it’s made” video.  And if you couldn’t guess by the title, yes, it does have something to do with the … Read more

Pisgah National Forest is Closed

Pisgah National Forest

In an unprecedented move, the United States Forestry Service announced on April 13th that the Pisgah National Forest is closed until August 13, 2020 or until the order is rescinded (whichever comes first).  This order was signed by the current forest supervisor, Hurston A. Nicholas, and carries punishment of fines up to $5,000 per person, … Read more

The Flowers Have Their Final Encore!

Carolina Sunflowers!

With Autumn officially starting this month, there isn’t a lot of color left in the year with regards to flowers. The trees will make their big show in the coming weeks with the fall foliage but flowers, for the most part, are finishing things up. The bees are frantically making their final rounds collecting as … Read more

50 Days to the Start of Autumn 2018!

Autumn in North Carolina

Today, Friday, August 3rd 2018, marks 50 days until the start of the Autumn season for 2018 which officially starts on Saturday, September 22nd, 2018. There is always something exciting about a countdown and when you get to the 50 day countdown from any season as it is usually right about the time you are … Read more

Great Roadside Waterfalls

Roadside Cascade near Douglass Falls

It is probably very obvious that we really like waterfalls as the majority of our episodes are on great waterfall destinations (over 100!).  There are so many great waterfalls in the Carolinas and we just love discovering new ones and sharing them with everyone.  While many of them require a hike or walk to reach … Read more

15 Family Friendly Outings to Try This Summer

Log Hollow Falls

Outdoor activities are year-round in the Carolinas but there is no doubt that this region kicks it into high gear as the weather warms and Spring spreads its green blanket of color across the land.  That being the case, we thought we would share some of favorite family friendly destinations that would be great outings … Read more

$500 Scholarship From HD Carolina


HD Carolina is a website that provides high-definition videos of things to see and do in the Carolinas. We love our coastal and mountain regions, and we are proud to introduce others to the beauty of the area. Both North and South Carolina are home to many excellent colleges and universities, and they attract students … Read more

What Hiking Trails are Near Me?


We have all been out exploring or driving around and wondered the same questions: What hiking trails are near me? What waterfalls are close by? What are some interesting things to do that are near by? These are completely reasonable questions since your smartphone knows everything about you including your exact location at any moment. … Read more